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Webcam Models – Tips for NEW and Established Models

part 1 – finding the right Studio.

Webcam modelling – this post, is aimed at giving some helpful hints for new and experienced models.  Please feel free to add to this post, with any of your experiences, and additional hints and tips to help anyone along considering entering the industry, or webcam models that need a helping hand to improve their businesses. If you are thinking of entering the industry, or are looking for information on making money from home, keep reading – even if only to gather information to see if Webcam Modelling is for you. CamGirlsForHire.com will be looking at expanding our site – to include studio and Agency comparisons with the introduction of an easy to use ‘earnings calculator’ – especially designed with the webcam modelling industry in mind. This will be for everyone to use (coming soon!!) – Planning for Success   Planning for Success

Like any business, planning is essential.  So let’s start with finding the right platform for you.  Will you sign up to a Studio (established Adult webcam site like MYFreeCams.com), or will you launch as an independent.  It may be best if your starting off and new to the industry that you look to sign up with A Studio. This is until you get the some experience before going out on your own if that is your desire.  If you select the right studio – they will be able to give you the support you need to get started.
Read the Fine Print
Studios, will take a percentage of your earnings, but will allow you to start almost straight away.  You need to ensure you are in a high traffic area (high number of website visitors) – to capitalize on your earning potential.
What to look for in a Studio?
What percentage of your earnings will a studio pay to you?
(the percentages are varied from very low to about 70%.  This will be crucial for your success to find a great studio with high traffic but also an acceptable percentage of earnings payable to you.
money rain
Important:- Be reasonable with your expectations with earnings initially, or you will be setting yourself up for disappointment.  Like any business, the more you learn, the better your earning potential is, so naturally the more experience you get, the better off you will be.  Wild numbers are advertised all over the web to try to entice new models – of huge daily earnings, like always be sceptical of these sorts of claims.  There is potential for top WebCam Models to have great incomes for sure, but this takes time, hard work and commitment.
Check to see what are the payment terms for each studio.  Does the Studio pay daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly – does the studio have a minimum amount of earnings to be reached before you get paid.  Ensure whatever the payment terms are, that they fit in with your needs.
Correct Paperwork:
You will need to submit the right paperwork to a WebCam studio in order to work for them.  This will include proof of AGE, in the form of photo ID (Drivers License for e.g.) forms for registration – modelling contracts and the like.  This is a great RED FLAG (danger) – if you are not asked for these documents to register, etc.  If your not asked then run for the hills, as it could be a scam, an inexperienced studio or alternatively a studio that is not reputable and underhanded in their practices, and the list goes on.  Do your documentation for your sake, without it you could be working for nothing.
trust yourself
  Trust yourself – be aware that this is an industry with many unscrupulous practices.  That being said there are are a lot of Great Studios out there, make sure you choose one of them, do your homework. Once you have completed your paperwork and are now registered with a studio – ensure you rely on them for advice.  A great studio will be very eager to help you succeed, so you should have a ‘coach’ or someone who you can contact on a regular basis to help you along.  No employer wants to see any new employee fail due to lack of training, so ensure you use their advice to your best advantage. Any good studio will help you set up our account, pick yourself a great and memorable ‘user name’, ensure you also pick a name that is available on the social media platforms.  This will help promote your business.   Social Media   Are you shy about people you know finding out your a webcam model?  Before signing up, ask the studio if it has the ability to set up city, state and country bans, to keep your career path under wraps. Will the studio help you put together a great profile for your site.  Include a depict description of what you will do, on cam encouraging members to choose you.  Do you have high quality images, for members to see – put a lot of effort into your profile pictures, showing off your best features, and show that you have personality, that you are having fun, and would be fun to be with.  See if you can put together a good variety of pictures, say between 6 – 10 should do it. camera-16048_1280 Is the Studio’s Gallery and layout appealing to the eye, browse several sites and make sure you are happy with their gallery and overall design. Will the studio allow you work with more than one studio – this is very important to increase earnings, whereby you can work with two studio’s at the same time – and be able to stream your video to two sites at once. OK let’s say you have picked the studio you want to work for. now it gets exciting, it’s almost show time!! Tools to get started:- A great webcam (with inbuilt mic) with high definition, a nice work area – clean and inviting, great lighting – (you can’t be seen in the dark).  Above all else, a very good internet connection.  Oh and let’s not forget – A fun, and playful attitude for all to see. board-279989_1280

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Please  add comments and discussion topics for the selection of a studio (anything that may have been missed) – look forward to your discussion soon….

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